Monday, June 28, 2010

How social workers can help survivors of shaken baby syndrome and abusive head trauma|California child abuse lawyer|Shaken baby syndrome lawyer

Medical social workers are almost always involved in cases of child abuse resulting in severe brain damage - be it from shaken baby syndrome or abusive head trauma.   As soon as an emergency department provider suspects that the head trauma was intentionally inflicted, they will almost always simultaneously order both the requisite neurological consults and a social work consult.   The primary underlying role of a medical social worker is to make the adjustment from inpatient to outpatient as smooth as possible for the child and his or her future caregivers (such as a non-abusive parent, or grandparents or other relatives who will now be caring for the child once the child is removed from the abusive and/or neglectful caregiver).   Many of the survivors of shaken baby syndrome or abusive head trauma will have a lifetime of medical needs and need help around the home - and most will never support themselves or live independently, so the social worker should help the child's new caregivers get as much help as possible.  One of the best ways a social worker can do this is to refer the caregivers to a lawyer who represents survivors of shaken baby syndrome or abusive head trauma.   A shaken baby syndrome lawyer can help get the child money to take care of home health care, residential care, transportation, therapy, orthopedic appliances and any necessary doctor or nursing assistance.  Also, a shaken baby syndrome attorney can get money for the caregivers to get respite -or take a break - so they can rest up and be available to help them continue to help the child.  Medi-Cal will not cover all of these expenses, so social workers should refer their patients to someone who can help them.

For more information on how the Keane Law Firm can help social workers with referrals of survivors of   abusive head trauma or shaken baby syndrome in general, feel free to contact child injury and shaken baby syndrome lawyer Chris Keane.  Accustomed to working with the best medical experts in the field during abusive head trauma cases, he will answer all your questions for free, provide you with helpful resources, and help you find the medical care your child needs.  Shaken baby syndrome is a serious matter, and Chris Keane is devoted to making life better for its victims and their families.

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