Sunday, October 11, 2009

Rural Areas May See More Cases of Shaken Baby Syndrome, Says Child Abuse Prevention Expert

We have posted news here on the Shaken Baby Syndrome Blog about the link between economic troubles and increased instances of shaken baby syndrome.  According to child abuse prevention expert Leah Wohlsdorf, there is also a strong correlation between rural areas and cases of shaken baby abuse, also called abusive head trauma due to the extensive amount of trauma to the head that occurs when a baby is shaken.  As the executive director of Prevent Child Abuse North Dakota, Wholsdorf reported to The Bismark Tribune that situations in rural areas can lead to an escalation in instances of abusive head trauma.  According to the Tribune, the correlation exists because isolation, which often occurs when people live great distances from each other and houses are miles apart, can lead to increased stress and, as a result, abuse during frustrating times.  It can also become more difficult to stay calm when a baby cries if there is no one else around to help or give a break to the primary caregiver.

No matter the cause of shaken baby syndrome, the condition is not to be taken lightly.  If you believe that your child or a child you know may be suffering from abusive head trauma, feel free to contact child injury attorney Chris Keane with your most pressing questions and concerns.  As an experienced shaken baby syndrome lawyer who works with the best medical experts in the field on a regular basis, he will answer your questions for free with compassion and professionalism.  For free resources, information on how you may pursue a case even if the caregiver did not intentionally harm your baby, or advice concerning your unique situation, contact Chris Keane online or by phone at 888-592-KIDS.

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