Tuesday, November 8, 2011

In California, Fresno Countys New Moms Get Educated - Shaken Baby Syndrome

The Fresno Council on Child Abuse Prevention has just released a new educational program on Shaken Baby Syndrome, to educate new mother's the dangers of Shaken Baby Syndrome in six of the birthing hospitals. 

Esther Franco, the programs director reported it took close to 2 years to launch the program.  

Those working closely with the mother's are to show them a video concerning Shaken Baby Syndrome, and will also provide them with educational materials and handouts on how to cope with a crying baby.  

The 7 minute video provides education through simulation of what occurs when a baby is shaken, however the video also shows the most meaningful pictures of Adam Carbajal who was reportedly shaken at just 1 year of age.

To watch the video and educate those you know and love, and read this story, please click here.

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