Tuesday, November 22, 2011

In Oklahoma, Woman Charged with Shaking Baby | Shaken Baby Syndrome

In this sad story, an Oklahoma mother has reportedly been charged with shaking her 8 week old son, and doctors say causing cranial bleeding.  Cherokee County Prosecutors have reportedly filed felony child abuse charges against, Helen Marie Terrell.

Terrell, and the 8 week olds father, took the boy to a local hospital because he was vomiting and not eating.    Reportedly a doctor determined the 8 week old infant was exhibiting signs of Shaken Baby Syndrome, and reportedly stated the child should be taken to a Tulsa Hospital immediately.

The mother, Helen Terrell has reportedly admitted to investigators of shaking the infant on 2 occasions. The first being for 5 seconds and the next being for 10 seconds because she was tired, frustrated, and stressed, and the baby was crying.

According to the neurosurgeons report, the baby was reportedly treated for "extracerebral fluid collections, consistent with chronic and acute subdural hematoma." according to the affidavit.

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