Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Charity Gives Van to Family of Shaken Baby Syndrome Victim | California Child Injury Lawyer

Thanks to Merrimack Valley's Sen. Steven Baddour Charity Fund, the 12-year-old survivor of shaken baby syndrome will be able to make it to his doctor's appointments more easily.  The charity recently gave his mother, Carrie Bergeron, a van with a wheelchair lift for her son, Wayne Elliott, who suffered from shaken baby syndrome at only 5 months of age and was left unable to see, talk, or walk.

The charity group, which has also donated generous amounts of money to hospitals and given smaller items to families, found out about the family's need from Wayne's nurse, who described their dilemma of not being able to travel as a family in their 2000 Jeep Cherokee and how Wayne could not fit into his special car seat anymore.  With the handicap-accessible van, Carrie will not only be able to transport Wayne to his medical appointments, but will gladly take him and the rest of the family fishing.

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