Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Studies Aim to Determine Effectiveness of Abusive Head Trauma Prevention Programs | CA Shaken Baby Syndrome Lawyer

Shaken baby syndrome prevention programs in Pennsylvania and North Carolina will be tested by studies funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, according an article on the Entrepreneur website.  Now called "abusive head trauma" by medical professionals, shaken baby syndrome seriously injures or kills numerous babies each year.  As different states develop new efforts aimed at preventing the devastating cases of pediatric trauma, the results of these studies should give them some direction and add to existing research on abusive head trauma.

According to the article, the first study will research the results of intervention programs in Pennsylvania hospitals, where every new parent receives educational information on shaken baby syndrome including a brochure, video, conversation with a medical expert, and a commitment statement to sign stating that the parent received and understood the materials and information.  The materials focus on four essential points:  excessive crying is normal, calming a baby is possible in some ways, calming yourself is necessary when experiencing frustration, and choosing proper caregivers is a must.  Also in Pennsylvania, the state's counties will be divided in half:  one half will receive "booster" sessions for parents to bring their babies to pediatricians for immunizations, and the other half will not.  At each visit, parents will receive a "crying card" with the same four points emphasized at hospitals as well as information on swaddling a baby.  The research study aims to determine if the program prevents shaken baby syndrome-related fatalities and ER visits and if the booster sessions increase the effectiveness of the program.

The second study aims to determine the effectiveness of North Carolina's prevention programs.  Nurses who work in hospital and birthing center nurseries will show and give parents of infants a DVD that discusses options for responding to crying babies as well as how normal crying is in newborns.   Physicians and pediatricians will also give the DVD to new parents at doctor visits.  By October of this year, every new parent in the state should receive similar information regarding abusive head trauma.

As a shaken baby syndrome lawyer in California, Chris Keane joins state efforts to research, prevent, and provide education regarding abusive head trauma.  If you believe that your child may be suffering from shaken baby syndrome, feel free to contact Chris Keane for more information, resources and materials, and a free consultation regarding your unique situation.  1-888-592-KIDS (1-888-592-5437).

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