Sunday, June 28, 2009

"Conscious Fathering" Class Teaches New Dads Parenting Basics, Educates Them on Shaken Baby Syndrome | CA Abusive Head Trauma Attorney

According to the King 5 news website, experts are linking the rise in instances of child abuse this year to the nation's economic state.  A class for new dads in Washington state, however, aims to lower the child abuse statistics and keep children and babies safe by educating fathers on parenting.  The class, Conscious Fathering, teaches the basics of caring for a baby such as feeding, changing diapers, and bathing, but it also focuses on teaching fathers how to take care of themselves.  Dads learn how to recognize the signs of stress and calm themselves down rather than attempting to calm their crying babies by shaking them.  Among the common signs of stress mentioned in the class are a clenched jaw, clammy skin, talking loudly or rapidly, and feeling overheated.

According to the creator of the class, Bernie Dorsey, anyone who cares and loves for children and spends any amount of time around a young child will become frustrated, and preparing fathers for the feeling of being overwhelmed and frustrated gives them more confidence and takes away some of the fears of not doing things correctly.  Dorsey says that 80% of men enter fatherhood without having any significant experience with infants, so it is important to inform fathers that it's okay to put down a crying baby in order to take care of one's own overwhelming feelings.  During the two-hour class, dads are also asked to share shaken baby prevention tips with others who will be caring for young children.

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