Tuesday, February 7, 2012

In Alabama, Injured Albertville baby dies | Shaken Baby Syndrome

In a recent report, deputies discovered an 11-month-old infant when responding to a home in Alabama, later identified as Moore, with serious injuries that doctors at a local hospital said were reportedly consistent with Shaken Baby Syndrome.
The child was immediately transferred to another Alabama hospital where it remained in critical condition until her death just after 5 p.m. Thursday, Walls said.
"At the present time, sheriff's investigators are working with the Marshall County District Attorney to upgrade the charges," Walls said.
"At this time, the mother and the mother's boyfriend have been arrested and are currently in the Marshall County Jail," Walls said.
"Both have been charged with aggravated child abuse."
Arrested and charged Wednesday were Bridgett Duncan, 24, of 306 Katherine Drive, and Immanuel Gage Allen, 17, of 132 Denise Circle, both of Albertville.
Both were charged initially with aggravated child abuse.
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