Tuesday, February 28, 2012

In Hawaii, Baby homicide victim suffered his skull, brain injuries a year ago | Shaken Baby Syndrome

 A 14-month-old homicide victim reportedly suffered his head injuries nearly a year ago and had been fighting to stay alive ever since.
The Honolulu Medical Examiner's office identified the baby as Zayden Lonergan.
Kulana Malama in Ewa Beach provides long-term care for medically-fragile children, some of whom require ventilator support to stay alive. It's where 14-month-old Zayden Lonergan had been receiving specialized care after suffering skull and brain trauma.
Sources familiar with the case say the injuries were consistent with shaken baby syndrome.
"Their brain often is traumatized by just shaking," Howard Klemmer, MD, emergency room physician, said. "They can get tears of the vessels in the brain. The brain can bounce back and forth in the cranial vault, causing traumatic injury and bleeding internally."
Dr. Klemmer did not treat Zayden, but is familiar with the injuries associated with shaken baby.
Military officials reportedly say the baby was taken unconscious to the federal fire station at Marine Corps Base Hawaii and then transferred to Castle Medical Center in March of last year.
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