Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Boyfriend of Child's Mother Shakes Infant on Christmas Eve, Sending Baby to Hospital

A child abuse incident on Christmas Eve sent a 4-month-old child to a Reno hospital with a head injury, according to RGJ online.  According to detectives, the baby's mother said that she left the infant with her boyfriend for approximately 20 minutes.  When she returned to her home, the baby was acting different, so she took the child to the hospital, where physicians determined the cause of the injuries to be shaken baby syndrome.  The 26-year-old boyfriend reportedly shook the child because he was angry that the infant was crying, so he shook it violently to stop the crying.  He was arrested Monday, December 28.

As a father of two and an attorney for child abuse and shaken baby syndrome, Chris Keane hopes for the full and fast recovery of this infant.  For more information on shaken baby syndrome, child abuse, and how you can receive free help during your time of need, contact Chris Keane of the Keane Law Firm. 1-888-592-KIDS.

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