What is Shaken Baby Syndrome?

Shaken Baby Syndrome, also called abusive head trauma, is a condition suffered by infants or children who have been physically shaken by another person, causing damage to the brain due to the sudden movement of the head in all directions.  When the baby is shaken rapidly, the brain hits the inside of the skull, resulting in bleeding, inflammation, and damage to the soft brain tissue on every side.  Since the brain of a child has more water content than that of an adult, injury can occur very quickly and easily:  it does not take much force to injure an infant or young child severely or even fatally.  As the shaking occurs, vessels and nerve fibers often become separated, and the sudden increase in motion and pressure around the soft tissues of the eyes can cause the baby's eyes to bleed along with the brain.  Due to this type of bleeding, extreme amounts of pressure can build within the eyes and head, which can lead to permanent injury or death.  Among the permanent injuries experienced with shaken baby syndrome are brain damage, learning disabilities, and neuromuscular problems.  Shaken babies may also suffer blindness or deafness, become paralyzed, suffer from seizures, or develop cerebral palsy.

When searching for shaken baby syndrome attorneys on the internet, you will find many lawyers whose interests are to defend people in criminal cases of shaking babies.  The Keane Law Firm is different.  We represent the baby, not the person who is accused of shaking the baby.  California child injury attorney Chris Keane represents shaken babies in civil court, meaning that there is no requirement to prove whether someone intended to shake a baby, but simply that someone neglected or failed to care properly for the infant or child.

If you feel that someone has neglected your child and that your child may be suffering from shaken baby syndrome, Chris Keane will answer all of your questions for free with professionalism and compassion and help you recover financial compensation for the care and rehabilitation that your child needs.  If you have any questions for a child injury and shaken baby syndrome lawyer in the San Francisco metropolitan area, contact the Keane Law Firm so we can help you help your child.  1-888-592-KIDS.  (1-888-592-5437).

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