Monday, April 19, 2010

Children with catastrophic brain injuries from shaken baby syndrome - were prior signs of abuse ignored?|California Child Abuse Lawyer|Shaken baby syndrome

When a child has suffered a catastrophic brain injury due to shaken baby syndrome or abusive head trauma, it is important to check the child's history to see whether there was any sign of abuse prior to the catastrophic event.  Were there unexplained or excessive bruises?  Was there an odd or unexplained injury?  Was there unexplained, excessive vomiting?  Was there an inexplicable delay in getting treatment for the prior injury?   The reason why these types of questions are significant is because oftentimes such signs or history was made known to someone who could and should have intervened prior to the critical shaking or abusive head trauma event.   The law requires various professionals to not only be on the lookout for these signs, but to report them to the police or child protective services.  If you have any questions about whether a child who has been shaken or suffered abusive head trauma was supposed to have been reported to the police or to child protective services before they were shaken or suffered abusive head trauma, please contact us toll-free at  1-888-592-KIDS.