Monday, July 13, 2009

Child Permanently Blind in One Eye and Weak in One Leg, Father Receives Sentence for Shaking Baby

A young girl is now permanently blind in one eye and has limited mobility in one leg as a result of being shaken at only 28 days old by her father in Colorado, according to The Greely Tribune online.  Thursday, July 9, Christopther Dahl pled guilty to third-degree child abuse and was sentenced by a Weld District Court judge to spend six years in a community corrections facility.  Following the August 2008 incident of shaken baby syndrome, which resulted in serious injury to the infant, Dahl failed to seek immediate medical care for his daughter Nichole.  Although his estranged wife and her father requested that the judge send Dahl to prison for the maximum time he could serve, Dahl's previously clean record, an apology for his violent behavior, and his recent participation in anger management counseling and child bonding classes were presented to the judge and resulted in the sentence to a community corrections facility rather than prison.

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