Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Child Abuse & Shaken Baby Cases Rising in Weakened Economy | CA Abusive Head Trauma Lawyer

Police in the metropolitan Las Vegas area have recently found that the number of child abuse cases in Clark County, NV, have risen 17 percent this year, according to Fox 5 News Las Vegas.  According to the news channel, Metro Lieutenant Ray Steiber attributes the increase in broken bones and shaken baby syndrome at least partly to the nation's economic situation, which puts stress on families due to the loss of jobs, difficulty paying bills, and other hardships.  In the year 2008, police in metro Las Vegas responded to nine cases of shaken baby syndrome total.  This year, they have already handled seven cases of shaken baby syndrome (from January through July).  In response to the devastating trend this year, the police department set a child abuse prevention program in motion in April.  The "Just Step Back" program is similar to prevention efforts in other states in that it partners with local hospitals to educate parents of newborns before they take their children home.  Like many other programs, the Las Vegas effort uses a video to demonstrate the dangers of shaking or abusing a baby.

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