Wednesday, July 15, 2009

NY Man Charged After CT Scan Reveals Infant's Injuries Consistent With Shaken Baby Syndrome

A 26-year-old New York man was recently charged by police with child endangerment and reckless assault for allegedly shaking a 10-month-old baby on the Fourth of July, according to the Buffalo News website.  Clarence, NY, resident Jordan Mayne was reportedly at his girlfriend's home when he heard the infant crying and went to the baby's room to check on him.  After realizing that the baby was not acting normal when he was fed a few hours later, the infant's mother took him to his grandmother, who called 911.  Upon administering a CT scan to the baby at Women & Children's Hospital, a doctor reported that the scan revealed injuries consistent with shaken baby syndrome (abusive head trauma).  The baby was said to be improving at the time of the report.

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