Tuesday, July 16, 2013

In Alabama, Infant Still In Intensive Care After Alleged Abuse By Mother’s Boyfriend | Shaken Baby Syndrome

An infant is reportedly still in intensive care, four days after police say the two-month-old boy suffered from Shaken Baby Syndrome in Alabama. 
Charges have been reportedly filed against the mother’s boyfriend, Ryan Allen.  However investigators are concerned about the long-term consequences of the alleged abuse.
Saturday afternoon, police reportedly responded as back-up with EMT’s to an apartment complex on Dickson Street where crews found the infant not breathing.
Investigators say this routine medical call quickly turned into a criminal investigation.
Investigators say the baby’s mother was at work, and left Allen to babysit.
Investigators say Allen called officers when he realized the child was unresponsive, however detectives believe Allen may have waited several minutes before trying to get help.
Right now Allen is reportedly charged with aggravated child abuse, but police say those charges could be upgraded, depending on whether the baby survives his injuries.
Police report the baby is still in critical condition and suffering from seizures.
Investigators say the child endured injuries to the brain as well as other parts of his body from the alleged abuse.
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