Wednesday, September 26, 2012

In South Carolina, Community Rallies Together For A Baby Police Say Almost Died In Fathers Hands | Shaken Baby Syndrome

She’s only 9-months-old, but Cheyenne Rae is already on Facebook.  Her page has more than 74,000 “Likes” by people she doesn’t even know.
“I just felt compelled to follow and help if I could,” said Hope Brooks who donated money to Cheyenne and her family.
“It just tore me apart,” adds Hayley Hudson who also stays up-to-date on Cheyenne’s progress through Facebook.
Last month, Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office arrested Cheyenne’s father James Davis.  Investigators say he admitted to deputies that he shook Cheyenne until she was unresponsive. 
Cheyenne was admitted for a life-threatening brain injury and had to undergo countless surgeries.
But this week, Cheyenne was released from the hospital.
Updates on her progress have been shared online by her family which motivated Hayley Hudson to organize a fundraiser for Cheyenne.
On Friday, Hudson and her friends washed cars to raise money to help cover Cheyenne’s medical bills.
“I just hope to relieve a little bit of the stress," Hudson says.
The incident is also raising awareness of a larger problem known as Shaking Baby Syndrome (SBS).
“It is a forceful shake and at the first level a person can cause a baby to become visually impaired,” said Penny Shaw, coordinator for Safe Kids Spartanburg.
Shaw says SBS is not caused by rocking or bouncing a baby.
“It can actually get worst if the baby's brain is going side to side and front and back.”
Shaw says if a child is violently shaken it can eventually result in death.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has found inconsolable crying to be the primary cause for an individual to shake a baby.
Health experts recommend first-time parents to enroll in a parenting class to learn what to expect when the baby arrives.
They also say if the caregiver is getting stressed out that it's okay to put the child down in a safe place and relax.

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