Wednesday, April 17, 2013

In Vermont, Effort Targets Shaken Baby Syndrome | Shaken Baby Syndrome Attorney

Bob Logan’s infant grandson died nearly eight years ago on Father’s Day, two days after being violently shaken by his teenage father. Now, the grieving grandfather wants to help teach other young parents how to avoid the same pain.

“The alternative would be to remain angry for the rest of my life,” Logan said. “So I thought a better alternative would be to help prevent this.”

Regardless of official school colors, purple soon will become more prominent at some New Hampshire high schools as part of a project to educate teens about injuries associated with shaking infants.

“The Period of PURPLE Crying for Teens” builds on a national program aimed at reassuring new parents that it’s normal for babies between the ages of two weeks and four months to experience long bouts of inconsolable crying. Purple is an acronym that describes characteristics of an infant’s crying during this phase — peak of crying, unexpected, resists soothing, pain-like face, long lasting and evening.

New Hampshire hospitals and others across the country have been sending new parents home with brochures, DVDs and tiny purple hats to reinforce the message for years, but the new project marks the first time teenagers in the state are being specifically targeted.

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