Wednesday, September 30, 2009

7-Week Old Taken to Hospital After Suffering Head Trauma, Parents Arrested

A 7-week-old baby was found to have injuries consistent with shaken baby syndrome (abusive head trauma) after she was taken to a Wichita hospital with head trauma, according to The Wichita Eagle online.  The young girl was taken to the medical center on September 16, and her mother and father, ages 21 and 26, respectively, were arrested on suspicion of shaking the infant.  As her parents face charges of child abuse, the child is in protective custody, according to police.

As an advocate for children who have suffered serious or fatal injuries as a result of abusive head trauma, attorney Chris Keane has been working with the experts on the subject for over fifteen years, and he hopes for the fast, full recovery of this baby.  If you have questions regarding shaken baby syndrome or believe that your child may be suffering from the injury, feel free to contact Chris Keane for free resources, helpful information, and answers regarding your specific situation.

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Three Years After Shaken Baby Death of Twin Sister, California Boy Allegedly Shaken by Teacher

A California couple has filed a claim for an alleged shaking of their 4-year-old son, the twin brother of a little girl who died after an alleged incident of shaken baby syndrome by a nanny three years ago, according to ABC's News10 website.  According to the article, Scott and Lorena Juceam claim that a teacher shook and abused their son Benjamin during a special education program last May.  Benjamin, who has been diagnosed with Down's Syndrome, was verbally abused, shaken, and thrown into a chair on multiple occasions in front of two teacher assistants, claims Scott, who also says that he and his wife found out about the abuse only after Child Protective Services had been called by another educator.  Making it especially difficult for the Juceams, the Placer County District Attorney's Office decided against pressing charges.

As a shaken baby syndrome and child injury lawyer, Chris Keane devotes his practice to representing injured and abused children, and he hopes for the full and fast recovery of young Benjamin in this incident.  If you have questions for a legal advocate for injured children or have already pursued a claim that failed to go to trial, feel free to contact Chris Keane at the Keane Law Firm.  He will provide you with the resources your child needs and consult with you for free regarding your options and unique situation.  1-888-592-KIDS.

Monday, September 21, 2009

New Study Finds That Many People Guilty of Child Abuse Get "Off the Hook" in Court | Shaken Baby Syndrome Attorney

A new study has found that many people charged with child abuse for shaking babies and causing serious head injuries to children are "let off the hook" in court, according to MedIndia online.  The article reports that Dr. Amanda Stephens examined the cases of 68 children who received treatment for shaken baby syndrome in the child protection unit at Sydney's Children's Hospital at Westmead.  Upon examination of these cases, which occurred between 1997 and 2005, Dr. Stephens concluded that perpetrators are often "let off" due to the difficulty of identifying them.  In her own words, "if you don't know who did it" and cannot "make that decision," it can be extremely difficult to determine "whether that child should be returned to the family" or removed from the family.

Shaken baby syndrome (abusive head trauma) cases can be extremely complicated, requiring the expertise of an experienced child abuse and shaken baby syndrome lawyer.  There are unique focuses of child injury and abuse attorney Chris Keane that affect his success in shaken baby syndrome cases:  first of all, he focuses his practice on representing children and only children in cases such as this (enabling him to work with the best medical experts in the field).  Second, he represents injured children in civil cases of abuse or shaken baby syndrome, meaning that it is not necessary to prove that someone intentionally injured or shook a baby, but simply that they failed to care properly for the child.

If you have questions regarding a shaken baby syndrome incident, feel free to contact Chris Keane online or by phone at 1-888-592-KIDS, and he will consult with you for free regarding your specific situation and concerns.

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Corrections Employee Faces Child Abuse Charges for Shaking 3-Month-Old | CA Shaken Baby Syndrome Lawyer

An employee from Florida's Charlotte County Corrections Institution faces charges of child abuse as a result of an incident of shaken baby syndrome, according to the NBC-2 news website.  The site reports that the 23-year-old, Vincent Silio Orlando, is believed to have shaken his three-month-old boy multiple times in separate incidents.  Nurses from Peace River Medical Center's emergency room reportedly notified police Friday, September 4, of the three-month-old's head injuries and their consistency with shaken baby syndrome, and further medical investigation at another hospital revealed that there were two other incidents of head trauma to the child in addition to Friday's incident.

As an advocate for injured and abused kids, shaken baby syndrome lawyer Chris Keane devotes his practice to representing children and only children.  If you believe that your child has been injured as a result of shaken baby syndrome (abusive head trauma), feel free to contact Chris Keane with your most pressing questions.  The Keane Law Firm will freely provide you with the information and resources you need to ensure that your child receives the best possible medical care and rehabilitation.  For free advice regarding your unique situation, contact Chris Keane online or by phone at 1-888-592-KIDS (1-888-592-5437).