Thursday, February 7, 2013

Shaken Baby Syndrome Family Spotlight | Jordan Nicot - Survivor of Shaken Baby Syndrome | Shaken Baby Syndrome

What a beautiful story we have to share with you today.  This story is not like any other.  This story is of Jordan Nicot, a survivor of Shaken Baby Syndrome.

This picture was taken the day before he was shaken March 9th 2011.

 A beautiful, healthy baby boy born August 8, 2010 to his mother, Gabriela Diaz, Jordan came into this world, celebrating his life just starting, surrounded by family and friends.  Allegedly, Jordan was taken to a daycare center in Springfield Massachusetts March 10, 2011, ready to play for the day.  Little did his mother, Gabriela know, this day would forever change their lives.

The teacher, whom allegedly shook sweet Jordan is reportedly due in court for the start of the trial April 25, 2013.  Gabriela has learned so much since this horrific incident, especially concerning child abuse and how often it happens, of which she was not aware of prior to Jordan's life being changed forever.  She is now an advocate to ensure others know that Child Abuse and Shaken Baby Syndrome occur more than we could ever imagine, and by educating herself, she is now able to educate others on the dangers.

Since March 10, 2011, coping on a moment by moment basis can be a great struggle for any parent who has a child whom is a survivor of Shaken Baby Syndrome.  For Gabriela, coping means visits to see a therapist to help her work through all of the emotions of handling what has happened to her child when he was not in her care.  Along with visits to a therapist, Gabriela is also maintaining by taking medications to assist with the extensive depression that settles over  parents whom have walked in the "journey" of the devastation of Shaken Baby Syndrome.

Jordan and his older sister March 10, 2012

Life has truly changed for Gabriela, however she continues to strive to make sure Jordan achieves all that he can by not limiting him, and the possibilities the future may hold for him.  Jordan has an amazing story to be told and all of the possibilities, Gabriela ensures everyone knows who Jordan is, through all of the trails and triumphs they may face, together.

Jordan playing with his favorite toy, Elmo

Jordan is 2 1/2 years old and is a bubbly little man that loves elmo and playing with his puppies Serenity and King.  Often times, Jordan can be heard telling Gabriela  he loves her, how much and that is the biggest reward any mother can ask, and for him to continue blooming into the young man he is .

We thank you Gabriela for sharing Jordan's story with us!  Such a beautiful little boy, and enjoy watching his progress.

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