Thursday, September 27, 2012

In Wisconsin, Baby Ali Puts Damage of Shaken Baby Syndrome on Display | Shaken Baby Syndrome

When the crying doesn't stop, frustration takes over for some parents.
Outagamie County reportedly has a new tool to educate parents, babysitters, and caregivers about the dangers of shaking a baby.
Shaken baby syndrome is a serious problem, says child welfare manager Melissa Blom.
"The most alarming statistics out of that data was that our babies zero to three months are the most vulnerable," Blom says.
The Wisconsin Child Fatality Review System reportedly shows that newborns are physically abused more often than older babies and that head injuries are most common with abuse. The February 2012 report says 49% of abuse victims under the age of three are not yet four months old.
The Outagamie County citizen review panel reportedly purchased Ali to educate caregivers on shaken baby syndrome. Ali is a teaching doll. Her head is transparent, and her brain surrounded with lights so, when you shake her, you can see what part of the brain could be injured.
Public health nurse Karlyn Raddatz reportedly shakes Ali briefly.
"Just in that little bit of shaking, you can tell the back area of her brain lights up," representing damage to the visual part of her brain, Raddatz shows us.
Raddatz says, "Shaking never stops with just one shake, so the parent's even more frustrated -- 'Shut up! Stop crying!' and she stops crying. But visibly you can tell that the frontal lobe has been affected."
Thought process is damaged and, Raddatz says, "The blood vessels are broken behind the eyes."
More shaking lights up the sides of the brain, "which is going to affect the motor skills. Most often a child is paralyzed because of this."
Through Ali and by teaching coping skills, health care professionals hope to end this kind of abuse.

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