Wednesday, October 23, 2013

In Louisiana, Gretna babysitter arrested after 2-month-old is diagnosed with shaken baby syndrome | Shaken Baby Syndrome Attorney

A Gretna, Louisiana woman paid to care for children in her home was reportedly arrested after doctors diagnosed one of her infant charges with shaken baby syndrome, authorities said. Sherry Savois, 56, was booked Wednesday with second-degree cruelty to a juvenile, according to Deputy Chief Anthony Christiana of the Gretna Police Department.

The case is reportedly still under investigation, but Christiana said Savois, an unlicensed child care provider, watched six or seven children at her Gretna home, 2600 block of Lafayette St., on a regular basis. The children aren't related to her, authorities said.
In August, the mother of a 2-month-old girl noticed one of her baby's limbs was not moving when she picked her up from the house. "There was some apparent paralysis," Christiana said. The mother told investigators the girl was fine when she dropped her off at Savois' residence earlier that day.

Doctors at a local hospital reportedly determined the girl was suffering from bleeding in her brain, Christiana said. They eventually diagnosed her with shaken baby syndrome.
The girl's mother contacted Gretna police. Christiana said the diagnosis, the investigation, the gathering of medical documentation and meetings with the district attorney's office took some time. Detectives obtained a warrant for Savois' arrest on Oct. 15.
Police aren't sure whether the girl is the only victim. Investigators contacted Savois' other customers and advised the parents to have their children medically examined, Christiana said.

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