Friday, November 20, 2009

Surgeons Place Drains in Baby's Head After Instance of Shaken Baby Syndrome

A two-month old baby whose father admitted to shaking him made it through surgery yesterday, November 19, according to NBC's WOWT website.  Although the infant's grandmother reported that the surgery went well, baby Jayden Roland will remain in I.C.U. at Children's Hospital for a least a couple more days as he recovers from the trauma.  His 17-year-old father, Marcus Bass, was arrested last week and admitted to police that he shook young Jayden because he could not get the baby to stop crying.  In the incident, baby Jayden suffered traumatic injuries, creating the need for serious surgery in which doctors placed two drains inside his head to decrease pressure and swelling.  To help with high medical costs, the baby's family set up a fund in his name.

Surgery is often required after injuries from shaken baby syndrome, among other necessary treatments and invasive procedures.  Abusive head trauma (the newly suggested term for shaken baby syndrome) is extremely serious.  If you have or know a child who has suffered from abusive head trauma, do not hesitate to contact Chris Keane for important resources, answers to your questions, and help finding the best medical experts. 1-888-592-KIDS.

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Update: Shaken Baby Jayden's Surgery Successful

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