Monday, November 30, 2009

Teacher Awarded Grant to Purchase Shaken Baby Syndrome Simulator Doll

Thanks to a grant program established in her area, a high school teacher in Texas will be able to purchase a life-size doll that simulates the effects of shaken baby syndrome on a child's brain, according to the Times Record News.  Named the IDEA grant, the prize is awarded to 21 teachers at nine different campuses in the Wichita Falls Independent School District who have the best ideas for a creative classroom project or need.  Award recipients receive money to carry out creative project ideas or purchase the requested supplies for their classes.  The winning teachers not only receive a check to fund their ideas, but also a balloon bouquet and a sign to post outside their classroom that announces their win.

The importance of this teacher's project idea is key:  to illustrate the devastating (and even surprising) effects even minor shaking can have on a baby's brain.  If you would like more information on shaken baby syndrome or how it affects young children, feel free to contact abusive head trauma attorney Chris Keane.  As an advocate for injured and abused children, he will answer all your questions for free with compassion and professionalism.  1-888-592-KIDS.

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  1. i think that parents who shake there baby when there angry should really face big consequence, babies don't deserve to be treated like that....... i say PARENTS should COOL TAKE A BREATH AND GTRY AGAIN... ITS GONNA WORK.... so please NEVER, NEVER EVER EVER SHAKE A BABY......