Monday, November 23, 2009

Parents Charged After Shaken Baby Death of Infant Daughter, Evidence of Abuse in Autopsy Report

Following the death of their infant daughter, Oklahoma parents Willis Joey Lambert Jr. and Latrice Sharron Russell have been charged with first-degree murder in connection with shaking and fatally injuring the child, according to the News OK website.  The siblings of the shaken baby reported to investigators that Lambert was frustrated with his own difficultly learning how to hold the infant girl, and he confessed that he fatally shook the baby because he could not get her dressed after bath time.  According to an autopsy report, the infant died of a brain injury and had previously suffered five broken ribs.  Since Lambert was reportedly a known child abuser, Russell has been charged with failing to protect her daughter from him.

Wrongful death from shaken baby syndrome is something no child should have to suffer, and no caregiver or family member should have to live with the burden that a child’s fatal injuries may have been prevented.  As an advocate for families who have lost children due to shaken baby syndrome and other cases of injury or abuse, Chris Keane is familiar with the indescribable pain and suffering experienced after tragedy, and he expresses his deepest sympathies to the family of the young victim in this incident.  For free resources, information, and answers to any questions regarding wrongful death or shaken baby syndrome, feel free to contact Chris Keane online or by phone at 1-888-592-KIDS.

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