Monday, July 6, 2009

Grant Given to Shaken Baby Syndrome Prevention Programs in Colorado, Demonstration Reveals How Brain Damage Occurs

According to the News Channel 13 website, cases of child abuse have increased in El Paso County, Colorado, this year.  As a result, the El Pomar Foundation is providing a total of $34,000 in grant money to three child abuse prevention or child protection organizations in the county.  Among the recipients is the Kids' Place program of Pikes Peak Family Connection.  Receiving a $10,000 grant, Kids' Place is a nursery for parents who need a short break from their children ages 0 to 6.  In an effort to inform the public on the dangers of shaken baby syndrome, Jennifer West, Nursery Director for Kids' Place, used a test doll to demonstrate to News Channel 13 the serious effects of shaking a baby.  The video demonstration revealed that in about 3 shakes and less than 3 seconds, a child can suffer brain damage.  According to the site, damage to the front of a baby's brain affects learning and emotion, while damaging the back of a baby's brain affects the child's vision.  When the side and top of the brain are damaged, a baby's speech, hearing, and movement become impaired.  The point is simple:  never shake a baby.

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