Friday, July 31, 2009

Vanderbilt Children's Hospital Links Shaken Baby Syndrome to Economic Stressors | Child Abuse Attorney

Experts at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital in Tennessee have confirmed the assumptions around the country that domestic violence, including cases of shaken baby syndrome, is linked in part to the economy, according to the News Channel 5 website.  With an increasing number of shaken baby and other child abuse cases in middle Tennessee, the Northeast, and the Midwest, Vanderbilt officials claim that financial, environmental, and marital difficulties are putting pressure on families, leading to acts of "non-accidental trauma."  Already aware of the trend in which shaken baby syndrome surrounds areas experiencing times of difficulty and frustration, child abuse prevention experts in Tennessee are on "high alert" in an effort to help parents before it's too late.  While acknowledging the link between the current economic state and the rise in shaken baby cases, however, experts also assert that economic troubles are not, by any means, the sole cause or factor in cases of abuse.

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