Thursday, June 7, 2012

In Arizona, Arizona man sentenced in death of 13-month-old girl | Shaken Baby Syndrome

A 19-year prison sentence was reportedly imposed Friday for a northwest Arizona resident who critically injured a baby who died at Sunrise Medical Center.
Dustin Colpitts, 22, reportedly pleaded guilty to child abuse and manslaughter in the January 2011 death of his former girlfriend's daughter, 13-month-old Adriana Sweeney.
Defense attorney Kyle Kinkead reportedly told the Court that Colpitts was immature and ill-equipped when he was left with day care responsibility for Sweeney. Colpitts admitted slapping, kicking, and shaking Sweeney after months of mounting frustration with inability to control her crying, Kingman police said.
The Mohave County Attorney's office reportedly said the baby suffered retinal hemorrhaging commonly associated with what is known as "shaken baby syndrome."
Authorities said Colpitts reportedly spent more than five years incarcerated for sex offenses committed in Oregon before his release and relocation to Arizona.
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