Thursday, August 2, 2012

In Nevada, 2 charged in child abuse death | Shaken Baby Syndrome

Six years after a 2-month-old boy was reportedly severely injured, his mother and her then-boyfriend are behind bars.
They are reportedly now accused of murder and child abuse.
It was one year ago Wednesday that Brayden Bork died from injuries he suffered as an infant. Police believe Edward Thompson shook Brayden violently.
"If we can learn one thing from this tragic case, it's that not everyone is fit to be a parent," said Officer Laura Meltzer with Metro police.
Police reportedly got a break after six years, largely due to information provided by a new witness.
Thompson, 32,  and the child's mother, Monique Bork, 26, are reportedly now charged with Brayden's death.
"No matter how trivial it seems, if you know something about it, say something. That may be the piece of the puzzle that puts it all together," Meltzer said.
In August of 2006 Monique Bork reportedly brought her son to Sunrise Hospital where doctors discovered abusive head trauma consistent with shaken baby syndrome. She told investigators a toy had fallen on him a few weeks prior and that no one would hurt her baby.
"They can tell if it's shaken baby syndrome or some trauma to the head," said family physician Dr. Daliah Wachs.
Wachs reportedly said even small injuries to an infant can lead to major problems down the road. Brayden became legally blind and suffered from cerebral palsy.
"For this child to have been diagnosed with cerebral palsy at the 2-month mark, that means the injury must have been extremely severe," said Wachs.
The child reportedly went to a foster family and was later adopted but died last July.
A friend told investigators that at one point Monique Bork called her and said, "Something's not right (with my child). Can you just come over?"
The friend reportedly said that Monique Bork later confessed that the child had been shaken.
That friend recently came forward as a witness because she had reportedly been of the impression that Thompson was already jailed for this. Now he is.
Metro police reportedly said Thompson has an extensive criminal background.
Thompson and Monique Bork are reportedly charged with murder and child abuse. Thompson faces an additional charge of neglect.

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