Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Treatment for Shaken Baby Syndrome | CA Abusive Head Trauma Attorney

Although treatment for shaken baby syndrome varies depending on the specific situation and other factors, including the age of the child and the extent and type of injuries involved, some of the immediate treatments are relatively common among shaken baby syndrome victims.  An infant or child who has been shaken should be taken and admitted to a hospital as soon as possible, where doctors will closely observe, monitor, and treat the baby.  If physicians see signs of brain swelling and breathing problems, they will send the baby to the hospital's intensive care unit (ICU) for respiratory support (in the form of oxygen therapy or a ventilator), since such problems may lead to a stroke or dead brain cells.  Sometimes a shaken baby may need to undergo surgery to treat brain swelling and internal bleeding.  In many instances, doctors may need to drain the blood around the brain to prevent future brain damage.

In addition to the use of a breathing machine or surgery, medicine may be prescribed to prevent seizures and decrease brain swelling.  If necessary, doctors may place shunts where appropriate to move fluid from certain parts of the body.  If your child's brain injuries are severe or life-threatening, he or she may require more time in the hospital for treatment.  An IV (short for intravenous fluids) may be required to keep body fluids and salts under control, or a tube for emptying or feeding the stomach may be needed.

Upon evaluation of the degree of injury or other injuries sustained, doctors may administer other treatment to the shaken baby.  To diagnose head injuries more definitively, doctors may call for brain scans (like MRIs and CTs) or extensive evaluations of the eyes and brain.  Other injuries from the abuse are evaluated and treated, as well, such as broken bones, cuts, or seizures.

The few treatments described here (not a comprehensive list) reveal just how serious shaken baby syndrome is.  If you believe your child has been shaken or you have any questions regarding abusive head trauma, seek immediate medical attention, and feel free to contact shaken baby syndrome attorney Chris Keane for helpful resources in your time of need.  Contact Chris Keane via the web or call 1-888-592-KIDS.

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