Monday, June 28, 2010

Nathan Wilson, 6 month old boy, dies after reportedly being shaken for 10 seconds|Shaken baby with bruises and old injuries|Shaken Baby Syndrome lawyer|Shaken Baby syndrome attorney

The Boson Herald reported the tragic case of Nathan Wilson, a 6 month old boy in Massachusetts who died after being shaken for 10 seconds.  Here's the link:

In addition to the article being significant because it reports a confirmed 10 second shaking episode followed by death, it is also a significant report because it indicates that the shaking was done to quiet down a cranky and fussy baby.   Again, demonstrating the link between a crying baby and a reported shaken baby syndrome event.

The other significant part of the article is that the autopsy revealed  subdural hemorrhage which was acute in part, 3-5 days old in part and more than a month old in part - indicating multiple, smaller preceding injuries to the brain before the 10 second shaking which preceded the death. It is very important in a tragic situation like this - meaning when there are multiple prior injuries - for Nathan Wilson's surviving family members and the authorities who are investigating his death to determine whether the baby had been exposed to any mandated reporters of child abuse (daycare providers, teachers, pediatricians, nurses, social workers, police, sheriff) who witnessed any signs of abuse (e.g. bruising, oral injuries, excessive vomiting, apparent life threatening events) and whether they reported any such signs to the responsible child welfare agency (CPS and/or the police/sheriff). The report of this death also signifies once again the significant temporal relationship between babies crying, babies being shaken for a short period of time (10 seconds) and the sudden onset of a decrease in neurologic functioning.

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