Friday, October 8, 2010

Scott Juceam and Rudy Delgado - 2 dads you need to know|Shaken Baby Syndrome|Resources for families who have lost a baby or whose baby was injured by SBS

I recently had the honor of spending time with two (2) amazing dads that you need to know if your family has lost a child to shaken baby syndrome or abusive head trauma, or if your child is a survivor of SBS/abusive head trauma - Scott Juceam and Rudy Delgado. These two men have taken the worst thing that could happen to a dad - to have his child killed - and have chosen to make the rest of their lives meaningful by not only leading child abuse prevention efforts around the country, but also by lending emotional support to families whose pain they have shared firsthand. Scott's daughter, Hannah Rose, and Rudy's son, Xavier, live on in the hearts of their dads every minute of every day, and their shortened lives now have international meaning and significance because of what these men are doing. They are helping others who need some guidance, inspiration or just a shoulder to cry on. Scott and Rudy, you're an inspiration and example for everyone.

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Find Rudy on facebook at Xavier's prayer page:

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  1. Many people, including me, believe that Scott Juceam's babysitter was totally innocent.