Thursday, July 5, 2012

In Mississippi, State Supreme Court declines to hear appeal of Jackson County woman convicted of killing baby | Shaken Baby Syndrome

The Mississippi Supreme Court has reportedly declined to hear an appeal from a Jackson County woman convicted of murder in the death of a child left in her care.
Court records show Amy Danielle Wilkerson reportedly pleaded guilty in 2007 to murder in the death of 8-week-old Tristan Chinn. Prosecutors say the baby was shaken to death.
Wilkerson was reportedly sentenced to life in prison.
Wilkerson reportedly claimed her guilty plea was involuntary and wanted to go back to Jackson County Circuit Court to prove it.
The state Court of Appeals last year reportedly said Wilkerson was thoroughly advised of the consequences of her guilty plea and nothing her attorney did rendered the plea involuntary.
According to court records, the boy's father reportedly dropped him off at Wilkerson's home on July 18, 2005. Wilkerson later called 911 and said the boy had stopped breathing.
Investigators reportedly started questioning Wilkerson after the boy's injuries turned out to be consistent with that of other victims of shaken baby syndrome.
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