Monday, July 16, 2012

In Nevada, Pair charged with murder in death of 5-year-old who was disabled as a baby | Shaken Baby Syndrome

Murder charges have reportedly been filed in the 2011 death of a boy who, authorities say, was shaken violently as a 2-month-old and ultimately died from injuries sustained at that time.
A criminal complaint reportedly filed in Las Vegas Justice Court charges Monique Bork, 26, and Edward M. Thompson Jr., 32, with murder and child abuse and neglect with substantial bodily harm in the death of Brayden Grusman-Buckmaster.
Bork is the child’s mother, and Thompson was reportedly Bork’s boyfriend when the baby-shaking occurred, police said.
In August 2006, Bork and a friend reportedly took the young baby to Sunrise Trauma Center, where doctors diagnosed him with injuries consistent with Shaken Baby Syndrome. The boy was in critical condition, and doctors told Bork the baby possibly would not survive the evening.
Bork reportedly told Metro Police in a voluntary statement at the time that her son was not acting himself but had not had any other accidents besides being hit in the head weeks previously by a falling toy.
In the intervening days, police reportedly also talked with Thompson, who said Bork was not telling the truth about the toy falling on the baby. Instead, Thompson said, he had dropped a telephone on the boy’s face.
Six days after the baby was reportedly taken to the hospital, Brayden was taken off of life-support equipment and placed in hospice care.
Meanwhile, Brayden reportedly spent 2½ years living with his maternal grandmother, then placed in foster care and ultimately was adopted. He survived for five years, police said, during which time he suffered from numerous medical problems, including blindness and cerebral palsy. He was nourished through a gastronomy tube until his death on July 10, 2011.

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