Friday, May 29, 2009

2-Month Old Girl Hospitalized, Father Arrested for Shaken Baby Syndrome in Washington State | CA Child Injury Lawyer

A two-month-old girl was hospitalized for serious injuries in Tumwater, Washington, following an alleged incident of shaken baby syndrome, according to the Komo News website.  Following the baby's hospitalization on Sunday, authorities from Mary Bridge Children's Hospital notified police that her injuries were consistent with abusive head trauma (also known as shaken baby syndrome), and her 22-year-old father, Treven W. Clark, was arrested and taken to the Thurston County Jail where he awaits charges of first-degree child assault.  After further investigation, Tumwater police believe that Clark shook the baby while she was under his care in a Tumwater home.  Luckily, the baby was released from the hospital on Wednesday, but the long-term effects of her injuries are unknown.  She and a 2-year-old child have been placed in protective custody following the shaken baby syndrome incident.

As a child injury lawyer and advocate for injured and abused children, California attorney Chris Keane handles cases of abusive head trauma such as this on a daily basis.  Constantly aware of the tragic and devastating nature of shaken baby syndrome, we at the Keane Law Firm express our deepest sympathies to family and friends of the baby in this incident, and we hope for her quick and complete healing.  If you are aware of an instance in which a baby has been abused, shaken, or injured, whether the injury was the intention of the caregiver or not, feel free to contact Chris Keane with your most serious questions and information.  He will ensure that the case is reported, carried out thoroughly, and that the child is connected with the proper phycisians for his or her immediate and long-term needs.  1-888-592-KIDS (1-888-592-5437).

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