Monday, May 4, 2009

Causes of Shaken Baby Syndrome | Shaken Baby Syndrome Lawyer

Some babies are more at-risk of abusive events, including being shaken by an adult, than others, although it is important to determine if a baby has been shaken even if that child does not seem at-risk of abuse.  Among children who are at-risk of shaken baby syndrome and cases of neglect are twins or babies of multiple births, infants who are less than one year old, male infants, and infants who are premature, inconsolable when crying, or prone to health problems.  Shaken baby syndrome occurs, however, not because of the baby, but because of the adult who commits the act or neglects to care adequately for the baby.

Some adults are more at-risk of committing abusive acts than others, including those who were victims of abuse themselves, who lack good coping skills, have unrealistic expectations or problems with substance abuse, or suffer from mental health issues.  Adults who are more likely to neglect or injure a child are also affected by environmental factors.  Financial troubles, dysfunctional family members or practices, and social isolation can lead to cases of shaken baby syndrome.

Regardless of your situation, it is important to note that shaken baby syndrome can take place anywhere and at any time.  If you feel that your child has been a victim of neglect or abuse at school, day care, home, or any other facility, contact the Keane Law Firm for free information and answers to your most pressing questions.  Experienced and compassionate child injury attorney Chris Keane will help you find medical help and recover the finances you need to treat and care for your child.  Keane Law Firm:  1-888-592-KIDS (1-888-592-5437).

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