Tuesday, June 30, 2009

After Shaken Baby Trial, Billy Bob Thornton's Daughter Indicted | CA Abusive Head Trauma Lawyer

Billy Bob Thornton's oldest daughter was indicted on multiple charges Wednesday, June 24, for shaking a baby who was under her care in central Florida in October 2008.  Among the charges for 29-year-old Amanda Brumfield are first-degree murder, aggravated manslaughter, and aggravated child abuse, despite Brumfield's story that the child's death was an accident.

Brumfield reportedly told authorities that the 1-year-old girl, whom she was babysitting at the time, fell from a playpen and hit her head on hard object on October 3rd, but Brumfield did not call 911 for help until more than two hours after the baby was unresponsive.  The autopsy report revealed injuries that were inconsistent with the babysitter's story:  upon finding a brain injury and fractured skull, the medical examiner ruled the death a homicide.  Police say that they believe the baby's head did strike a hard object, but they do not believe that a short distance fall from a playpen could cause such severe trauma to the head.

The Oscar-winner's daughter was arrested earlier this month and booked at the Orange County Jail.  When contacted after her arrest, Thornton's publicist said that he and his daughter have been estranged for a long time.

Although this particular incident of shaken baby syndrome resulted in a criminal case against the offender, the Keane Law Firm can file civil cases against anyone who failed to care adequately for children.  In a civil case, it is not required to prove that someone intentionally shook a baby; it is only necessary to prove that someone neglected the child or failed to provide proper care for the baby who was injured as a result.

If you have questions for a shaken baby syndrome and child injury lawyer, contact the Keane Law Firm for free answers regarding your unique situation.  You can contact Chris Keane online or call 1-888-592-KIDS (1-888-592-5437).

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