Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Civil Cases of Shaken Baby Syndrome | CA Abusive Head Trauma Attorney

The majority of shaken baby syndrome cases appearing in the news are criminal cases, but it is important to note that some instances of shaken baby syndrome result in civil cases.  At the Keane Law Firm, Chris Keane can file a shaken baby syndrome case in civil court, meaning that the lawsuit will focus on instances of negligence rather than crimes.  In other words, it is not necessary to prove that a caregiver "intended" to injure the baby but, rather, that he or she failed to care adequately for the child.  Even if a person charged with shaking a baby avoids criminal conviction, that person can still be held liable for a child's injuries in a civil case of abusive head trauma.  If the jury finds that the person in question did not use reasonable care with a child, the person may be held responsible for the baby's resulting injuries.

If the criminal defendant is found "not guilty" in a case of shaken baby syndrome or if the case does not go to trial, the Keane Law Firm can represent the baby in civil court.  If you believe that your baby has been injured as a result of shaken baby syndrome, contact our firm with your most important questions, and child injury attorney Chris Keane will answer them for free.  To acquire the resources you need to determine whether you should pursue a civil case, contact Chris Keane online or call 1-888-592-KIDS (1-888-592-5437).

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