Sunday, June 28, 2009

Father Says Baby Was Unresponsive, Admits to Shaking Baby & Faces Homicide by Child Abuse Charge | Shaken Baby Syndrome Attorney

The father of a two-month-old baby was arrested and faces a charge of homicide by child abuse due to the death of the child which may have resulted from shaken baby syndrome, according to the WIS 10 news website.  According to the site, the Orangeburg, SC, father told authorities that he tripped while holding his baby and then found the baby to be unresponsive, and he admits that his response was to shake the child.  According to the news source, Anwar Young faces 20 years to life in prison if convicted of child abuse charges.

Neonatologist Dr. Kim Lee is quoted in the article for explaining that babies will cry simply to communicate and, though the sound can be "loud and frustrating," parents must learn to put their babies down and walk into another room for a while if necessary to calm their own nerves.  According to Lee, it appears as if advice in the "old days" told parents to shake babies in order to arouse them from what must be sleepiness if the babies were less responsive than usual.  Current medical research, however, has found that shaking a baby can be extremely dangerous since the brain tissue of a young baby is not developed completely.  In fact, doctors say that shaking a baby can lead to delays in development, bleeding in the brain, or even death.  According to the website, all hospitals give parents information regarding shaken baby syndrome, why it occurs, and what to do instead of shaking a baby.  Among the information some hospitals are including is the fact that some babies can cry over three hours a day up to three months of age, sometimes for no apparent reason.

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