Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Adult male admits to shaking and killing baby boy| Delay in seeking treatment and evidence of prior injury| Shaken Baby Syndrome lawyer

In another tragic reported case, a 31 year old father, Ibrahim Kobayasi, reportedly pled guilty to shaking and killing his 5 month old son, Dylan Kobayasi, out of frustration. The father was watching the child while the mother worked. The father admitted to shaking the baby boy out of frustration - reportedly unemployment. Additionally, the facts of the case are significant because the father delayed - and in fact, reportedly did not seek medical treatment for the minor. Instead, the reported story is that the mother noted the child wasn't well when the father picked her up from work. The mother noticed the child was unresponsive and called 911. Autopsy reportedly confirmed that the child had evidence of prior injury (in this case, it was reported that there was evidence of rib injury). The remainder of the autopsy findings aren't reported in the paper, but it would be of interest to see what other skin or internal injuries are present. It would also be of interest to see whether the child had any previous interaction with mandated reporters (daycare centers, pediatricians, law enforcement). This tragic story ends with the father in jail for 35 years. Also, the mother has been deported to her native country and the baby is dead. It is important to use sad stories like these to learn how the same fate can be avoided for future families.


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