Thursday, July 14, 2011

Casey Anthony verdict impacting prosecutions for shaken baby syndrome| Shaken Baby Syndrome lawsuit

The casey Anthony trial and verdict has re-focused attention on the level of crime with which prosecutors charge defendants. It has been widely-reported that the jury in the Anthony case may have had enough evidence to convict of lesser charges, but not for first degree murder. Prosecutors, being both public servants and elected politicians, are both required to not over-charge a defendant and conscious of the effect of a highly-publicized loss on their record when they run for re-election. The ripple effect from the Florida verdict in the Anthony case has made its way to Iowa - where a prosecutor has downgraded charges from capital murder to negligent homicide in the case of Suzanna Harwell and Brandel Harwell, her deceased 6 month old son. It was reported that the prosecutor considered the Casey Anthony verdict in his decision to downgrade the charges. See the story at:

The backlash and ripple effect from the Casey Anthony verdict may affect how survivors of SBS and families of fatal victims of SBS are handled by prosecutors around the country. In our practice, we have received calls for years from families who did not feel that the prosecutors were aggressively pursuing charges against the perpetrators of SBS - and this is likely to increase given prosecutors inclination to stay away from charging in cases which they are fearful they will not get a guilty verdict - regardless of whether they believe it is probable that SBS occurred. In a shaken baby syndrome civil lawsuit, not only do we have the added benefit for SBS survivors of a different and lower burden of proof than a prosecutor, and the ability to win a lawsuit on terms dictated by the survivor or family rather than the government - plus our firm's focus and familiarity with SBS gives us a comfort level with these cases that may not exist with a prosecutor who handles all types of cases (drugs, guns, etc.) If you are a family with an SBS child, and you want to see if you have a lawsuit can help your SBS survivor or family, call or contact by web Christopher Keane at or 888-592-5437 (KIDS).

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