Wednesday, November 9, 2011

In Minnesota, Victims Struggle with Shaken Baby Syndrome for Years - Shaken Baby Syndrome

In Minnesota, Jon and Angela Field, parents to Michael Field, recently spoke to Fox 9 News in regards to the daily struggle Shaken Baby Syndrome leaves on the lives of those with children who are survivors of Shaken Baby Syndrome.

Michael Field was reportedly shaken to near death, in May 2001, by his home day care provider.  Michael, along with many other children sadly affected by Shaken Baby Syndrome are living proof that one single second, one choice can lead to a lifetime of change, beyond anything, most anyone could ever imagine.

The Minnesota Brain Injury Association reports that one in four victims of Shaken Baby Syndrome will die.  Also reported in the article below, Minnesota does not currently have in place a procedure to track cases of Shaken Baby Syndrome, however officials with the health department have estimated reportedly 30 cases each year.

Shaken Baby Syndrome - Signs and Symptoms

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