Saturday, November 5, 2011

In Missouri, Mother speaks out about Shaken Baby Syndrome after daughter hospitalized | Shaken Baby Syndrome

Monica Howard is speaking out about Shaken Baby Syndrome after her daughter Lyla was reportedly shaken by Howard's former husband whom is due in court on November 10, 2011. Reportedly Monica Howard never thought it could happen to her daughter Lyla.  She also never thought her husband was capable of such a horrific act.

More than eight months have gone by since the incident. 

"She is still a huge question mark.  It's a scary future to not know what's going to be like when she gets older," said Monica.
Reportedly, Monica and Lyla just have to live day by day.  "I don't enjoy living in constant fear…really that's what it comes down to," Monica said.
"When I look back at that moment I can't believe it.  It makes me sad."
Monica's ex husband is reportedly due in court on November 10 for a sentencing and Monica Howard will have to give a Victim Impact Statement in which reportedly Monica admits it will bring a lot of painful memories back.
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