Friday, November 18, 2011

In Texas, Abilene Baby Comes Home | Shaken Baby Syndrome

In Abilene, Texas, Austin Jace Westbrook reportedly spent some 16 days in the hospital due to injuries sustained due to Shaken Baby Syndrome.

According to the report, Austin Westbrook was reportedly in the care of Kara Suzanne Galinak of Abilene whom police have stated in the report the infant was shaken at least two times and thrown on a couch September 20, 2011.

Austin Westbrook is now 4 months old, and his father, Chris Westbrook has returned to work.  Austin's mother, Jennifer Westbrook has reportedly set up a Facebook page where community members have come to show their support, and share their prayers.

Reportedly the Abilene Police have stated Kara Suzanne Galinak has admitted to shaking the infant child at least twice.

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