Thursday, January 26, 2012

In Nevada, Boyfriend ‘freaked out’ and made up story when baby girl injured | Shaken Baby Syndrome

A man reportedly accused in the child abuse murder trial of his girlfriend’s baby daughter stuck to his story and told Henderson police for an hour and 27 minutes that the girl’s fatal head injuries — which crushed part of her skull and caused brain swelling — were caused by reportedly falling out of her playpen onto a carpeted floor.
Then Cody Geddings eventually changed his story, explaining a large acetylene tank he had perched on a wobbly chair out in his backyard fell on top of the 16-month-old Addison Weast.
During the video played before the jurors, Geddings eventually told officers that he made up the first story and told it to his girlfriend, Jaime Higgons, in order to protect himself because he had been awaiting a child abuse sentencing involving his own son.

In testimony last week, two physicians testified that they thought the girl’s eye injuries that were discovered were caused by “shaken baby syndrome.” 

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