Wednesday, February 29, 2012

In California, Shaken baby training in Tehama County | Shaken Baby Syndrome

A new program is in place in Tehama County. Tehama County's Hope and Faith now has a program to provide education and prevention measures against Shaken Baby Syndrome.

Though they aren't real infants, Tehama County's Hope and Faith are teaching many about the dangers of Shaken Baby Syndrome.

The size and feel of 2- to 4- month-old babies, the dolls are among the county's six simulator dolls that have see-through heads that light up when the dolls are shaken to the point that would seriously harm a living child.

Public health nurses Linda Rose and Sharon Bradac-Clendenen brought Hope Monday to Red Bluff Union High School as part of a training for students in the ROP Child Care and Education program.

At least a dozen students, who spend time all year working in area schools as part of the program, were given a lesson on how to teach others about the dangers of Shaken Baby
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