Wednesday, February 1, 2012

In Ohio, Baby-sitter guilty in death | Shaken Baby Syndrome

In another sad, reported story of Shaken Baby Syndrome, the jury of eight women and four men took less than four hours to reportedly return the guilty verdict of reckless homicide in regard to the March death of the toddler left in the care of Ronald Pheils.  Following the verdict, Common Pleas Court Judge Alan Mayberry proceeded directly to sentencing and reportedly ordered the maximum allowed under statute of only three years in prison.  The 19-year-old defendant from Perrysburg Township Ohio took the stand.  His testimony focused on his actions on the day when the young boy, for whom he was reportedly baby sitting, was taken by ambulance to a Toledo hospital. The boy reportedly died three days later. 

Pheils was reportedly mostly calm and collected during his testimony, but choked up and cried during discussion of the victim.  He reportedly said he did not shake the boy and did not injure him.  "I loved him, I would never do that," he said during his testimony.  Though he had only sat for the neighborhood family for a couple of months, he said he loved the young child  "with all my heart" and that he would "give anything" for him.  Pheils reportedly detailed health issues the victim was facing prior to his death. 

During the reported testimony, the jury was shown pictures reportedly taken during an examination as well as microscopic images of blood vessels and nerves from the eyes and brain of the victim.  The reportedly definitive final statement was the boy "died of abusive head trauma."

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