Tuesday, March 27, 2012

In Virginia, Man Arrested for Allegedly Shaking Baby | Shaken Baby Syndrome

Reportedly, Deputies took Michael Anthony Williams, 31, of Concord Virginia into custody Tuesday. They say, like other counties, they see this far too frequently. They have investigated at least four of these cases reportedly concerning Shaken Baby Syndrome in the past 12 months.
Campbell County Sheriff's Office has reportedly charged Williams with aggravated malicious wounding. They say last month he shook his 10-week-old child. They say that infant, is now recovering at a local hospital for some type of head injury. But that is not the first time they have reportedly seen something like this.
"Sometimes we'll see two to three relatively close together. Other times it may be six months and you don't have any," said Major L.T. Guthrie.
There has reportedly been one common trend.
"The majority of offenders I've seen have been male," said Guthrie.
Central Virginia Health District Senior Health Educator Leslie Hoglund says when an infant is shaken, the brain is free to move around, and get banged against the inside of the skull.
"Infants, typically their total body weight, 25 % is the head and they don't have the neck muscles that can control an outside force moving their body around," Hoglund said.
This can reportedly lead to long term problems.
"Cognitive impairment, visual impairment, sometimes blindness. There might be learning disabilities and behavior disorders later on," said Hoglund.
The sheriff's office reportedly says generally a third of shaken baby cases are fatalities.
"Another third of them end up with permanent brain damage and then a third are probably able to recover," said Guthrie.
Hoglund reportedly says one of the biggest problems with shaken baby syndrome is the injuries are not always visible on the outside. So sometimes it can be misdiagnosed or mistreated.
The Central Virginia Health District offers therapy and childhood development services for families with shaken babies.
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