Wednesday, March 28, 2012

In West Virginia, Hospital Takes Steps to Prevent Shaken Baby Syndrome | Shaken Baby Syndrome

Soothing the piercing cries of a newborn baby can seem frustrating and never-ending at times.
This frustration is often taken out on the baby with what medical professionals reportedly refer to as shaken baby syndrome.
Greenbrier Valley Medical Center has reportedly established a new program called "the period of purple crying" to help parents cope with excessive crying, and learn ways to avoid shaking their baby.
"Newborns naturally have larger heads. There's plenty of room there for their brains to grow, but if a baby is shaken, it can actually very easily cause injury to the brain," said Molly McMillion, women's education coordinator at GVMC.
The term "purple" in purple crying is an acronym for the characteristics of normal, but long spells of crying.
Over the last year, reportedly several babies in the Greenbrier Valley have suffered from shaken baby syndrome, causing lifelong disabilities.
"Blindness, deafness, all kinds of brain damage as a result of this," said McMillion.
Cathy Martin reportedly gave birth to her third child this week and is excited about her newest addition to the family, but she remembers how overwhelmed she felt when her first daughter seemed to cry excessively.
"When she would cry I did question myself a lot. Oh my goodness, what is happening? I found different ways of being able to put her down and walk away or call somebody to help me," said Martin.
Through the hospital's new program, each mother will reportedly get a DVD and a booklet to refer to about the period when babies tend to cry more and resist soothing
Hospital staff reportedly wants parents to know most crying is normal and there are different ways to try to soothe your baby.
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