Monday, March 26, 2012

In California, Merced District Attorney: No charges against father in death of 7-month-old son | Shaken Baby Syndrome

A Merced man reportedly accused of shaking his 7-month-old baby to death last year won't face new criminal charges, Merced County District Attorney Larry Morse II said Tuesday.

Michael Burell, 23, was reportedly arrested in September on suspicion of causing fatal injuries to his son, Jacob. The criminal case was launched after Children's Hospital Central California doctors who examined the child concluded the injuries were severe and could have been the result of shaken baby syndrome.

On the flip side, Burell reportedly claimed his son suffered a head injury when he fell onto a hard plastic toy in the living room of the apartment where he lived. Morse said a pathologist and a pediatrician, who were consulted in the investigation, were unable to rule out the possibility that such a fall, as Burell described, could have resulted in the brain injury that led to Jacob's death.

"In speaking with the doctors in Jacob's case, they are unable to make a conclusive determination of the cause of his death," Morse reportedly said in a statement.

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